No cooking fun day :)

With boba and strawberry jelly 🙂

Technically I *did* cook breakfast for my son and myself. And it was a yummy tofu soup with mochi in it because we were cold in the morning. So it wasn’t absolutely NO cooking day, but it was close enough!

My husband took care of himself and my daughter to go to a different place from us. Because of our kids’ busy schedule everyday we sometimes have to break into teams like today.

Anyways, today’s course: I had lunch date with my son at monster boba. Their strawberry tea is our favorite! I love their snacks too!!

Popcorn chicken, waffle fries and fish balls. All mild spicy 🙂
Beef taco. Lots of mango is a nice touch.

At night all of us had dinner together at coconuts fish cafe. I ordered beef tacos. That was good. This was our first time to try the restaurant and thank my husband to pick this place! Good choice.

Lastly we had a dessert at cream.
I actually voted for a cake from a different place, but I lost 1 to 3. It turned out good because the ice cream I got was also yummy.

Double scoops: Rum raisin and green tea 🙂


No cooking day! Yay!!

Oh… don’t misunderstand please.
I love cooking!! Just cuz…..

ha ha ha 🙂

My osechi photo and scale

I mentioned about not going on the scale for a while yesterday (actually today technically cuz that was after midnight) because I was so afraid of knowing how much I gained during this holiday season!

I woke up really late this morning so as all of my family members and felt very heavy. 🙁 And strangely stupidly I suddenly jumped on the scale!! You know? Sometimes people can’t help! Curiosity won. However my digital scale was showing “LOW “ instead of scary number I was expecting. Ha ha! I bought this scale many years ago, and today,  yes TODAY New Year’s Day the battery died…. LOL What  a timing!  Anyways,  I asked my husband to replace the battery when he has time to look at it. Maybe some kind of fairy might have thought I shouldn’t look at the number yet. Okay, I will go back to my gym on Wednesday after enjoying more foods today and tomorrow!

Osechi I made.


Happy New Year!

My New Year's resolution is to add a new post here everyday!
Ha ha ha 🙂 It might not be easy, but I will still try!

Soaking overnight

So for the last few days I have been preparing Osechi dish for New Year and today we ate a lot. Yay! Osechi is Japanese traditional New Year food so as Mochi. We own a mochi maker and making mochi is also our family tradition!

I like to share some photos I took this time. We soak sweet rice in water overnight, cook it in the mochi maker next morning, hit the pound button when it comes (beeps!) and ta-da!! Nice yummy mochi!!

Mochi is good in soups, goes really good with sweet red bean paste, sweetened soybean powder, soy sauce + sugar or honey with seaweed and minced daikon with soy sauce! I had all of those today.
It was sooooo yummy! I am going to eat more tomorrow. Of course, I will stay away from the scale this month. LOL

Finished cooking


Rounded by hands

Pounding sweet rice!