Happy New Year!

My New Year's resolution is to add a new post here everyday!
Ha ha ha 🙂 It might not be easy, but I will still try!

Soaking overnight

So for the last few days I have been preparing Osechi dish for New Year and today we ate a lot. Yay! Osechi is Japanese traditional New Year food so as Mochi. We own a mochi maker and making mochi is also our family tradition!

I like to share some photos I took this time. We soak sweet rice in water overnight, cook it in the mochi maker next morning, hit the pound button when it comes (beeps!) and ta-da!! Nice yummy mochi!!

Mochi is good in soups, goes really good with sweet red bean paste, sweetened soybean powder, soy sauce + sugar or honey with seaweed and minced daikon with soy sauce! I had all of those today.
It was sooooo yummy! I am going to eat more tomorrow. Of course, I will stay away from the scale this month. LOL

Finished cooking


Rounded by hands

Pounding sweet rice!

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