My osechi photo and scale

I mentioned about not going on the scale for a while yesterday (actually today technically cuz that was after midnight) because I was so afraid of knowing how much I gained during this holiday season!

I woke up really late this morning so as all of my family members and felt very heavy. 🙁 And strangely stupidly I suddenly jumped on the scale!! You know? Sometimes people can’t help! Curiosity won. However my digital scale was showing “LOW “ instead of scary number I was expecting. Ha ha! I bought this scale many years ago, and today,  yes TODAY New Year’s Day the battery died…. LOL What  a timing!  Anyways,  I asked my husband to replace the battery when he has time to look at it. Maybe some kind of fairy might have thought I shouldn’t look at the number yet. Okay, I will go back to my gym on Wednesday after enjoying more foods today and tomorrow!

Osechi I made.


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