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I am more like a skirt dress person versus pants and jeans style person. Most of my friends wear casual pants and jeans all the time but I prefer soft stretchy comfortable skirts and dresses. Often in a magazine when I see a beautiful skinny model wearing super skinny jeans I think it is very cool and attractive. But jeans are not for me. I don’t own even a pair. I tend to buy an elastic waist skirt because it is super comfy yet still makes me look good enough. I always have some specific requirements for skirts though. I am constantly thinking and researching about coordinations of clothes that make me look thinner! LOL Just because I have been gaining weight for the last … how long?… maybe 20 years?! ๐Ÿ™ Okay, I will add one more New Year’s resolution to lose weight!!

Anyways, I will share my ideas about the clothes coordinations that make you look skinner some other time ๐Ÿ™‚ Stay tuned!

Today I want to show you my dress I got recently and it was a big hit! If you look at my photo in ABOUT ME page of this blog, that is the dress!
Can you believe? This was onlyย $15.99!!! I wear a black cardigan on top just like the about me page picture because it is winter now and a bit cold with just this dress. The material is soft, stretchy and very comfortable meets all my requirements. Moreover it is cute!!

You can buy this on amazon and the link is below.
HARHAY Women’s Vintage Patchwork Pockets Casual Swing Dress white dot M

Today I was searching a long sleeve casual dress on amazon and purchased 2 items. After I receive them I will share with you only if I like them. They say “free return” so I will return them if I don’t like them!

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